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Stock code Name of the product Packaging Color Explanation
02-1003-12 Piercing 3mm YESIL 10 Pş Yeşil 3mm
02-1004-12 Piercing 4mm MAVI 100 Pş Mavi 4mm
02-1006-12 Piercing 6mm KIRMIZI 10 Pş KIRMIZI 6 mm
02-1008-12 Piercing 8mm KAHVERENGI 10 Pş KAHVERENGİ 8 mm
02-1003-12 Piercing 3mm YESIL 100 Pş Yeşil
02-1004-12 Piercing 4mm MAVI 10 Pş Mavi
02-1006-12 Piercing 6mm KIRMIZI 10 Pş Kırmızı

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