Center Pivot

Whether you are installing your irrigation equipment for the first time, replacing an old pivot, or upgrading your existing equipment, there is no doubt that it is a great investment and a great dedication. It is very important to determine what you need in relation to the work you must do in the field. How do you decide what to buy?

You want to make decisions that will improve your productivity and results. Whatever your field size or budget is, the best irrigation solution for you is here.

Why Do Manufacturers Choose Valley?

Valley has the largest dealer network and the most responsive, factory-trained technicians.

One of the most important decisions you will make is choosing an authorized dealer. Your Valley dealer will not disappear when the ink on the sales contract dries. They will be in the field with you when you need them.

Valley Authorized Dealers:

  • Receives extensive product training.
  • It provides fast, reliable service.
  • Works on all brands of irrigation equipment

The Valley brand is the world leader in precision irrigation and the founder of the industry.

Valley center pivots, corner and linear systems:

  • It provides higher performance than other brands in all field conditions in independent tests.
  • It is preferred by manufacturers more than other brands.
  • Precisely manufactured and customized for each field

Valley offers not only the best machine, but also the most innovative technology.

Valley Technology:

  • It offers the most advanced remote control and monitoring tools.
  • Industry-exclusive BaseStation3™ for unprecedented farm control.
  • AgSense® series includes telemetry products