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Agrodrip Super Pop-Up

Agrodrip Super Pop-Up Nozzles

Pipe Fixing Post

Lifewater Tap

Lifewater Tap Key

Drip Outlet Nipple Tee

Drip Outlet Nipple

Drip Outlet Nipple (with grommet seal)

Drip Outlet Nipple (Compressed)

Drip Elbow

Drip Threaded Blind Plug

Drip Male Tee

Drip Safe Nipple

Drip End of Line Automatic Purge Valve

Drip Sleeve

Drip Nipple

Drip Reduction Nipple

Drip Reduction Tee

Drip Super Men's Tee

Drip Super Nipple

Drip Super Tee

Drip Tee

Rectangular Valve Box 12"

Doirani Pressure Adjustable Elbow Dripper

Male Outlet Nipple (with Grommet Seal)

Male Output Nipple ( Rubber Gasket )

Glasses Plug Cap

Gromet Gasket

Safe Outlet Nipple (Grommet Seal)

Safe Output Nipple (Compressed)

Hydroponic Elbow

Hydroponic Elbow Plug

Hydroponic Quad Dispenser

Hydroponic Quad Plug

Hydroponic Dual Dispenser

Hydroponic Double Plug

Hydroponic Pile - Type A

Hydroponic Pile - Type B

Hose Union

Kerkini Flow Regulated Dripper

Locked Outlet Nipple ( Grommet Seal )

Locked Output Nipple (Compressed)

Koronia Pressure Regulated Dripper (Type A )

Koronia Pressure Regulated Dripper (Type B)

Exit Nipple with Dovetail (Rubber Gasket)

Multiple Distributors wit Dovetails

Pipe Elbow

Prespes Flow Regulated Dripper (Wide Discharge)

Recorded Output Nipple

Connected Outlet Nipple (Groumet Seal)

Record Drip Multi-Dispensers

Rubber Gasket

Pressure Adjusted Pile Dripper for Pot Watering

Flow Adjusted Stake Dripper for Pot Irrigation

Fixed Flow Pile Dripper for Pot Irrigation

Compression Drip Outlet Elbow

Cylinder Valve Box 10"

Cylinder Valve Box 6"

Snap Fit

Snap Fit Tee

Super Pipe Elbow

Tape Output Nipple (Grommet Gasket)

Tape Output Nipple (with rubber seal)

Tape Output Nipple (Compressed)

Tape Out Tee

Tape Out Tee (with Rubber Gasket)

Tape Multi-Dispense Nipples

Tape Drip End of Line Automatic Cleaning Valve

Tape Elbow

Tape Elbow (Rubber Gasket)

Tape Elbow (Compressed)

Tape Male Adapter

Tape Safe Output Nipple

Blind Plug with Tape Cover

Tape Blind Plug

Tape Cuff

Tape Nipple-Sleeve

Tape Ring Tee

Volvi Fixed Flow Elbow Dripper

Ring Output Nipple (Compressed)

Ring Drip Tee

Ring Drip Tee (Sealed)

Ring Drip Tee (Compression Outlet)

Ring Male Adapter

Ring Blind Plug